Expressions Family

A portfolio of MacOS and iOS applications for mathematical computations. Ideal for high-school and STEM university students, chemists, engineers, mathematicians and physicists.

"With ExpressionsCalculator, I have all my constants and my equations at hand. Solving my physics problems has never been so fast!"
- Victor, 3rd year high school student.

"Each time I want to solve a chemistry problem, I make sure to have ExpressionsCalculator ready nearby!"
- Elisa, 2nd year Bachelor chemistry.

"A powerful scientific calculator is always handy in medicine!"
- Alena, Master’s student in medicine.

Fully integrated units in calculator

The Apps are revolutionary in the way they help you solve problems by providing you, in addition to all the basic features of calculators, a fully embedded and aware SI (MKSA), imperial (foot, pound, …) and astronomical (ly, parsec, …) units context. Hence, a physical quantity has a unit. When you perform calculations, units are always taken care of and automatically simplified to provide the most sensible result. Derived units such as Newton, Joule, etc. are handled. Conversions from one unit to others are automatic.

Large database of math, physics and chemistry formulae

A large database of commonly used formulae in mathematics, physics and chemistry is included in the Apps and is readily accessible. Formulae can be directly copied into the calculator, presented with a list of unknown values to be filled directly, for super easy and fast results.

Large database of physical, astrophysical and chemical constants

A rich sample of natural constants including basic natural constants, such as the speed of light, Planck's constants, etc. is included. In addition, astrophysical constants such as the parameters of the Sun, the planets, etc. are also available. Finally, an extended list of chemical and physical properties are included for all elements of the periodic table and for several common materials.


A multifunction scientific calculator offering a wide range of features specific for anyone looking from basic to more advanced calculations.

Ideal companion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies.

For iPhone

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Powerful menubar application tool for handling mathematical expressions with computer-aided algebra computations. Numerical calculations and symbolic math ! Easily export results into your Documents and Presentations !

Expressionsinbar lives in the menubar of your Mac - So it is always only just click away !

Use the extended user interface and keyboard features for quick solutions.

For Mac

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Perfect for teachers, math students, and scientists

“Here’s the perfect Mac app for teachers, math students, scientists, and the Mac geek.” (Jeffrey Mincey, Bohemian Boomer, September 2013)

“If you need a streamlined calculator for solving algebra problems, ExpressionsinBar for Mac is a good choice. Its excellent performance and short learning curve make it a valuable asset to any student or teacher involved in mathematics.” (Chris Page, CNET Editors' review, October 2013)