CardBlaster! (alias Blast!)

A simple but addictive card game - for everyone to enjoy!

Get ready for Blast!, the addictive card game that challenges your memory and strategic thinking. Play against up to three other players, remember hidden cards, and make your move. Use special and treasure cards to your advantage!

It's fast, it's fun, and it's free!

Welcome to the Ultimate Card Game Challenge!

Watch the Tutorial:

How to play:

How It Works:

It's simple but addictive and can get quite challenging in Medium or Hard mode! You get four cards, but only peek at two. Your goal? Have the lowest points when the match ends.

Special Cards to Watch Out For:

Stay Alert with the "Jump In" Move:

If you remember one of your hidden cards matches the discard pile, play it! But if you're wrong, you'll draw a penalty card.

Treasure Chest Cards and Their Abilities:

Think You're Winning? Call "Blast"!

If you think you have the lowest points, shout "blast". Everyone gets one more move, then cards are revealed. The winner has the fewest points (in case of point tie, the player with the fewer number of cards wins).

"Once you start, it's hard to stop. Blast! is my new go-to game!" – Sarah M.

"An exhilarating twist on the classic! Blast! breathes new life into the genre, leaving those mundane Solitaire games in the dust." – Alex T.

"A perfect blend of memory and strategy. A must-try!" – David K.