A simple demo on how to use Expressionsinbar

Expressionsinbar lives in the menubar of your Mac - So it is always only just click away !
Use the extended user interface and keyboard features for quick solutions.

A short demo on how to use the “Expressionsinbar” application to create a presentation about a second degree polynomial

ExpressionsinBar is a simple menubar application which provides powerful computer-aided algebra computations. Expressions can be directly pasted in PDF format into your Documents or Presentations.

  • Create your presentation using for example Keynote
  • Click on the icon in the menu bar to open
  • Start editing in the input field to type your expression
  • See the result appear in the expressions list
  • Copy the beautifully rendered result in your presentation. Looks great!!!!
  • And so on - possibilities are infinite-less!
  • A short demo on how to use the “Expressionsinbar” application to compute a physics problem with kinetic energy

    ExpressionsinBar handles units which can greatly simplify this kind of calculations as shown in the demo below.

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