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  1. ExpressionsinBar:


ExpressionsinBar is compatible with the most popular versions of Mac OS X. From Mac OS 10.13 to the latest Mac OS, it can be deployed on almost any machine, even the “old” machines in laboratories that will still be used for years.


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ExpressionsinBar (c) 2013-2020, alelvisoftware,

All rights reserved.

Programs come bundled with the codes MimeTeX and giac:

  1. MimeTex, Copyright(c) 2002-2012 John Forkosh Associates, Inc. All rights reserved,
    is distributed under GNU GPLv3 license:

  2. giac, (c) 2000-8, Bernard Parisse, Renee De Graeve,
    is distributed under GNU GPLv3 license
    giac has been compiled with the libraries GMP, GSL and MPFR. All those programs are distributed under GPLv2, GPLv3 or LGPL licenses. Links are provided below to where to get source code of those softwares:

  3. GNU GMP Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (c) GNU Lesser GPL:

  4. GNU GSL scientific library (c) GNU GPL:

  5. GNU MPFR (c) GNU Lesser GPL:



You can contact us for any problem, suggestions or issue with the following e-mail :

We cannot promise a fast answer, but users are usually very satisfied with the service.

Alelvisoftware ? Who we are:

Alelvi software develops specific applications for computer algebra systems. Our main product is "ExpressionsinBar". We are contemplating “Expressions” for iPhone/iPad. We focus on developing mathematical and scientific tools which are natural and simple to use yet powerful.

In short, we develop applications that ourselves would like to use !


© Copyright 2013-2020 Alelvi software, All rights reserved.

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